Professional Service
Manuscript Reviews
Tissue and Cell; Sensors & Actuators: B. Chemical; Proceedings of the Royal Society B; Journal of Experimental Biology; Bioinspiration & Biomimetics; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; Journal of Morphology; Functional Ecology; ACS Nano

Conference Organization
2016 Co-chair, Adhesion and Robotics session, The Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society
2015 & 16 Co-chair, Bioinspired Adhesives session, The Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society
2015 & 16 Co-chair/Developer, Woman’s Networking and Social, The Annual Meeting of the Adhesion Society
2015 Co-organizer, Wastestock Challenge: Converting waste streams into resources, Louisville, KY
2015 Program Organizer, Symposium on Biomimicry: How does nature inspire technology?, Louisville, KY
2015 Session Moderator, Adhesion, Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Annual Meeting

Professional Development and Involvement
2016 – present Chair of the Bioadhesives Division of the Adhesion Society (co-developed division and currently serve as first elected chair)
2012 Participant, Backyard Biomimicry Workshop, The Biomimicry Institute
2011 & 15 Participant, Biomimicry Education Summit, The Biomimicry Institute

Outreach Presentations
2015 Walker, C. S., Ethington, R. L. & Stark, A. Y. Ants on the Move. Four day 4th grade science lesson on functional morphology and biomimicry. St. Matthews Elementary, Louisville, KY

2014 Stark, A. Y. Geckos and Biomimicry: How can geckos help us?. Oral presentation in aid of earning “Animal Helpers Badge”, Girl Scouts of NE Ohio Cadette Troop #90115

2013 Stark, A. Y. The Effect of Water on the Gecko Adhesive System. Oral presentation as the Watters Science Seminar Speaker, Lakewood High School, Cleveland, OH

2013 & 12 Stark, A. Y. Geckos and Biomimicry. Oral presentation as the Honors College Colloquium Speaker, University of Akron

2011 Stark, A. Y. The Gecko Adhesive System: Implications and Applications. Oral presentation to STEM High School Students, University of Akron

2009 Stark, A. Y. Geckos, Spiders and Polymers! Demonstration at Polymer Family Night for grades 6-8, Our Lady of the Elms School, Akron, OH