Lab Members

Dr. Alyssa Y. Stark

Assistant Professor

Link to Dr. Stark’s CV

Current Graduate Students

Christopher Mitchell
Project: Gecko and Gecko-Inspired Synthetic Adhesive Performance in Variable Temperature and Humidity

Chris graduated from Texas Tech with degrees in Chemical Engineering and Natural Resources Management. His undergraduate advisor was Dr. Robin Verble-Pearson.

Current Undergraduate Students

Bridget Ringenwald
(Senior Thesis Student)

Project: Locomotor Performance of Geckos in Variable Temperature and Humidity

Anthony Conte

Kaitlyn Naughton      

Erin Bogacki
Project: Locomotor Performance and Behavior of Geckos in Wet Environments

“Starky Award” Winner:
“hold my antibiotic ointment award”

Nellie O’Leary

Catherine Implicito    
Project: Adhesive Performance of Ants in Variable Temperature

Tessa Fanning
(Electrical Engineering Major)
Project: Sensor Design of Gecko Racetrack

Anastasia Bilyk

Samantha Dolloff

Ana (Sofia) Rive
Project: TBA!

Nina Hulet

Manuel Guerra – senior thesis student (co-advised with Drs. Michael Russell & Carla Narvaez)


Marielle (Ellie) Dineen-Carey – senior thesis student (co-advised with Drs. Michael Russell & Carla Narvaez)

William Harrison – currently a medical student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Alissa Coonfield
(also member of Iyengar Lab)
Currently at University of Akron as an Integrated Bioscience PhD student in the lab of Dr. Todd Blackledge