Tim Sullivan and Alyssa Stark (UAkron)


I have had the privilege to work with and mentor 30+ undergraduate students throughout the course of my PhD, all of which have provided valuable learning lessons for me and been the bright lights of the lab. Mentoring has become a passion of mine. Of the more than 30 undergraduate students I have mentored, overĀ half (about 17) students have or will become contributing authors to at least one publication. Many have more than one. Students I currently work with in my postdoctoral position are quickly following suit.



Undergraduate Co-authors
Tim Sullivan (3 publications; 1 in prep)
Brandon McClung (2 publications)
Briana Chambers (1 publication)
George Voros (2 publications in prep)
Jocelyn Ohlemacher (1 publication)
Nick Wucinich (2 publications)
Eva Paoloni (2 publications)
Ashley Knight (1 publication)
Joel Thorson (1 publication in prep)
Jeffery Olderman (1 publication)
Jacquelyne Reuder (1 publication in prep)
Amanda Palecek (1 publication; 1 in prep)
Shairani Subarajan (1 publication; 1 in prep)
Austin Garner (1 publication in review)
Craig Bernard (1 publication; 1 in prep)
Jennifer Fredley (1 publication in prep)
Riley Kneale (1 publication in prep)

Undergraduate Research Assistants
Danielle Pund
Jacqueline Vanni
Bo Yang
Nancy Cross
Alison Hicks
Lee Dewalt
Camryn Rabourn
Kyle Garra
Sophia Elliott
Rachel Sandman
Katherine Arstingstall
Keegan Thompson

High School Student Research Assistants
Aparna Narendrula, Hathaway Brown, Shaker Heights, OH
Misbah Mlokhandwala, Laurel School, Shaker Heights, OH

K-12 Teachers Involved in Research
Sharon Kaffen, Science Learning Coach, National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM Middle School, Akron, OH
Caryn Walker, Science Goal Clarity Coach, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY
Roberta Ethington, 3rd Grade Teacher, St. Matthews Elementary, Louisville, KY